Provider Registration

Surgical & Restorative Dental Implant Provider Registration

TOOTHIMPLANTS.COM … A Free online dental practice listing service on a US zip code directed national map showing the websites and local office locations of Implant Qualified Oral Surgeons and Restorative Dentists.

Registration on toothimplants provides a Free online practice listing opportunity for a limited number ( maximum of 6 per local map area ) of qualified and experienced dental implant providers to showcase their office websites on a US zip code directed interactive Local map containing approximately 700,000 potential implant patients in an average of 94 US zip codes in their local office/practice area. Visitors searching for treatment can call and/or email a selected office/practice location directly from the map.

Please answer and submit the professional questions below to open the “ HOW IT WORKS ” page for more information on the listing/referral program and to continue registration.