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To understand how the interactive map works

Enter 20190 in the zip code box

A map location and contact Information of the single registered provider in this zip code is provided If four (4) provider practices were registered in this zip code …. All four would be displayed.

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A message states that the are no providers in the chosen zip code but displays the mapped contact and practice information of all registered implant providers in adjacent zip codes within a 25-mile radius of the requested zip code.

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  1. The applications of only a total four qualified tooth implant surgical and restorative dentists in each zip code district will be accepted on a first to register basis.
  2. Dentists registered for one of the four places in each zip code district always have the option to continue their participation.
  3. As only one of many dental implant providers in the average US zip code of 11,000+ persons, an exclusive registration in is a most effective method to bring your practice directly to the attention of a much larger number of potential patients in your local community, and beyond, than your customary referral patterns would otherwise give you the opportunity to treat.
  4. The online visibility, information transfer capability and advertising value of the familiar generic domain name of will be automatically enhanced by an ongoing professional program of site optimization (SEO), as well as online advertising.


  1. Registration is FREE
  2. 2. At the termination of a FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL PERIOD Registration and continuing listing on is guaranteed by $100.00 paid monthly. No contract is required