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Implant trained and experienced Oral Surgeons & Restorative Dentists = Better Dental Implants

It is important for prospective dental implant patients to know that two types of professional dental services of a distinctly different nature (surgical and restorative) must act togather on every implant case.

When treatment begins an oral surgeon is responsible to manage and complete a general physical examination and essential pre-surgical diagnostic radiographic jaw morphology (form) and bone tissue studies. Together the oral surgeon and the restorative dentist conduct the pre-surgical planning of final implant surgical positioning and other pertinent restorative treatment aspects affecting the future surgical procedure.

This professional relationship continues after the initial surgery when the implanted metal tooth root-like structure then receives an attachment designed by the restorative dentist. This attachment, shaped as a natural tooth crown, must fit the implanted root device precisely and function efficiently without undo trauma to the imbedded implant to keep the implant biologically inert and integrated to the bone tissue around it. This is the essential and the long-term goal of dental implant treatment…. but it is not often achieved without the combined services of both well trained and experienced oral surgeons and restorative dentists.

Note: Dental Implant treatment begins at a no-charge initial consultation with either a formally trained and clinically experienced Oral Surgeon or Restorative Dentist registered on


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