A letter to Dental Implant Patients & Providers

Greetings Visitors,

After more than 40 years of practice as an oral surgeon, it is my opinion that a successful dental implant represents a breakthrough akin to a miracle in dental care. But successful dental implants must have a no-rejection tissue acceptance and a biological integration into the jaws that results in a long symptom free “ dental life” of comfort, pleasing esthetics, and efficient use….which makes dental implant natural tooth replacement both the greatest service a dentist can render to a patient….and the most difficult dental service for a dentist to consistently successfully deliver. This is especially true for dentists who attempt to “ do” dental implants without the specialized training and clinical experience critical for proper tooth implant treatment management and long tern tooth implant viability.

To improve the public’s access to competent dental implant treatment, www.toothimplants.com is online as a direct link to the professional qualifications and contact information in the web pages of the oral surgeons and restorative dentists in every American community and neighborhood who can demonstrate the training, continuing education and case experience necessary to provide successful dental implant surgical and restorative treatment to the patients who need them. In order to provide this assurance… all dental implant surgeons and restorative dentists registered on toothimplants.com must meet the following professional criteria:

  • Professional Graduate ( Dental School) degree
  • Documented post graduate dental implant surgical and/or restorative instruction and continuing education.
  • Certified or eligible for certification by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ( for Oral Surgeons only )
  • A minimum of 50 dental implants successfully placed and/or restored
  • Valid state license to practice dentistry and/or oral surgery

The “Getting Started” link below is basic dental implant treatment information arranged to simplify a complex subject for the general public…. It is not a review written for the dental professional. So If you are not a dentist and are curious to know how dental implant treatment is initiated, organized, managed and delivered … you will find that here. If you are a qualified and clinically experienced dental implant provider who wishes to treat patients who need your expertise you are advised to go to the registration page to review the site’s operation and register as a qualified implant provider. And should either patient or provider need to contact toothimplants you can reach me at rf@teemail.com and I will answer.

All the best
Dr. Richard Ferris, Oral Surgeon (Retired)