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It is my opinion, after 40 years of practice as an oral surgeon, that a dental implant is a breakthrough akin to a miracle in dental care. It is at once both the greatest service a dentist can render to a patient and the most difficult treatment goal that a dentist can consistently successfully provide.

The Getting Started link below is basic Dental Implant Treatment information arranged to simplify a complex subject for the general public. It is not a review written for the dental professional. So If you are not a dentist but are curious to know how dental implant treatment is initiated and organized, you will find some of that here.

If you are a qualified and clinically experienced oral surgeon or restorative dentist who wishes to increase the number of implants performed in your practice you are advised to go to the website’s registration page to review the site’s operation and register as a qualified implant provider.

All the best
Dr. Richard Ferris, Oral Surgeon (Retired)