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Tooth or dental implants, are tooth-root shaped titanium (metal) devices that are surgically inserted into the jaws to support the crowns and prosthetic tooth–like dental restorations with which the natural appearance, feel and action of missing natural teeth can be regained.
Toothimplants.Com is your interactive link to the important information in the websites of Dental Professionals in your community who can document the training, continuing education and clinical experience necessary to provide successful Dental Implant Surgical and Restorative Services for you and your family.

The Criteria necessary for Registration of Dental Implant Surgeons and Restorative Dentists on is listed below:

  • Minimum of 50 Dental Implants successfully placed and/or restored
  • Four-Year Professional Graduate Dental School (Degree) Education
  • Documented post-graduate Dental Implant surgical and/or restorative clinical instruction & continuing education
  • A valid state license to practice dentistry and/or Oral Surgery

The successful initial surgical insertion, functional and cosmetic oral restoration and long useful life of dental implants directly depends upon the combined clinical skills of trained, well qualified, experienced Surgeons and reconstructive restorative Dentists.


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